Tabs for 4 string bass

• Jun 23, 2022 - 16:22

There are those of us who have bass guitars that only have 4strings. It would be nice to create a score with tabs for a 4 string bass. All I can find are 6 strings.


Then look again, 6-string and 5-string bass is possible but the exception rather than the rule and 4-string bass does exists. All also as tablature

Hmm, where you looking? When i got to the instruments dialog and open Strings (Plucked(, I don't see any 4-string basses at all by default - just the standard 4-string (listed as "Bass Guitar (Tablature" and "Electric Bass (Tablature)", plus a 5-string version. There is only a 6 string version listed in addition if I switch to the "All instruments" display instead of just "Common".

Or maybe you're using a custom instruments.xml file you installed via Edit / Preferences / Score? If so, make sure it has all the instruments you need, or at least, install it in addition to the default version.

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Sorry, I was in the wrong program. I do have one question though. Is it possible to have the tabs place the appropriate note in the score, will I have to do the tab fingering and then the notation? In other words, if I have the 4 fret on the D string on the tab, will it automatically place the note on the score?
Thanks for you input.

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I made a template that does what you want.

      Bass - 5 string - with linked TAB staff.mscz

The template has a linked tablature staff so you can enter bass clef notation by hand—or copy notes from anywhere in MuseScore and paste to the bass clef—and MuseScore will populate the Tab staff.

OR ... you can enter fret numbers on the Tab staff and MuseScore will populate the bass clef.


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