Guys,needs your help.

• Jun 23, 2022 - 13:55

Good afternoon,so i found the Arianna Cunningham's Early music ensemble
soundfont collection,and I decided to download it, but I see that all the links do not work. Those of you who have downloaded soundfont please give me a link to download it. Thanks in advance for your answers.


that soundfont was very much like the Barocca (Google-it) .sf2 extended with a few single Presets with peculiar names (like Sackbutt), also somewhere on the web, with very high Release to Volume settings and a transposed version of the same like people a few hundred years ago liked to hear their music. take a look at Polyphone/ Soundfonts/ i think Ensembles and you will find almost everything there (like Arianna did).
regards bottrop

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i dont have it, i have no use for Baroque Instruments, where i live it is 2022 now.
i had a look inside that soundfont once, there were a lot of common instrument samples like viola, cello, trombone, trumpet, harpsichord, with no or little vibrato and a lot of release/reverb.
here you can download some old stuff.…

regards bottrop

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Someone trying to reproduce, or write in the style of a Brandenburg concerto needs a good Baroque font. I'm not sure there are many. Vibrato was pretty much unheard of at that time. Gut strings only. No valves on brass instruments. Only a few keys on WW's. A very different light sound.

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i know that sound very well; it was a hype in the 60's and 70's, later they began to ask themselves what exactly they knew about how musical instruments did sound in the middle ages. it was not much. except for the difference between a wooden instrument and a tin instrument hitting the floor, thats the problem with sound; there is only sound inside our head; our brain is giving us the illusion we hear a specific sound; in fact it is only ripples in a gut, influenced by what our eyes are tellng us and the mood we are in.

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