Play MIDI files on iPhone

• Jun 20, 2022 - 16:04

I can't believe I can't find something on this. How do you play a MIDI file you find online using the Musescore App on your iPhone?

I tried to associate the MIDI file with the app, but there's no clear way to do that.

I then thought about just moving the MIDI file into the folder that the Musescore App uses for local storage, but I couldn't find where that is.

Super frustrating that such a simple thing isn't mentioned anywhere.


As mentioned, the MuseScore mobile app was never designed to play anything but MuseScore files. It does not import MIDI files any more than it imports Microsoft Word files or JPG files.

But, if you have a MIDI file you'd like to convert to MuseScore format, that's easy enough, using the actual MuseScore notation program on your computer. There you can use File / Open to open the MIDI file, then immediately turn around and do File / Save to save as MSCZ. Although, MIDI isn't a notation format, so there is almost no chance that the score will actually look good without editing. Should still sound the same though.

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