New music in Musecore: - "Elegy" from the ballet suite no. 3 , (The Human Comedy) comp. by D. Shostakovich !!

• Jun 20, 2022 - 09:10

Dear people,

I have a friendly request to you all of Musecore.

I have a piano piece named ELEGY from D. Shostakovich.
This is a standard version but now I want to integrate some additional notes in to the piece (only 3 sheets)
But I don’t know how to make it.
Pleas can somebody put the whole piece into Musecore for me ?
I don’t have the knowledge to do it my self !
I have the sheets and drew the additional notes myself on it , with a pencil.
You will find the 4 sheets enclosed!

This the example on you tube: played by: Pianist Dimitry Maslev

Pianist Dimitry Maslev plays the same notes as in the orchestral performance of the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra led by Mr.Yablonsky combined with the original version.
It concerns music fragment "Elegy" from the ballet suite no. 3 , (The Human Comedy) by D. Shostakovich !
(Arr. L. Atovmyan for Orchestra)

This ELEGY piece is totally worth it!!

Thanks for your cooperation in advance !!
Kind Regards

Fred Portier

m: 00 316 22503399

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Elegy 1 of 3.pdf 731.87 KB
Elegy 2 of 3.pdf 610.04 KB
Elegy 3 of 3.pdf 799.44 KB
Elegy Frontpage.pdf 451.61 KB


Since it appears to be okay for posting copyrighted work on the .com side, I reply here for Fred to check, as I input the provided attachments into MuseScore (albeit I used a custom build with extra changes including placement of slurs, so it might come out less ideal than as it appears upon my screen since they are using some form of 3.6.2 renditioning, but that's how it goes these days). Also sent him an e-mail.

In reply to by worldwideweary

Dear Sir,
I saw this morning a fantastic job you have done, I am so happy to have this nice score of a excellent piece of music!
How can I thank you! I like you to pay for all the efforts you have done.
Please let me know what you ask for amount of money of your expenses!
Your sincerely!
Fred Portier
🇳🇱 The Netherlands

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