MuseScore 4 nightly. Fermata missing from Articulations?

• Jun 14, 2022 - 15:59

I’m using yesterday’s nightly (13 June, b834ce8) for Mac. I can’t find the fermata in the Articulations part of the palette. It isn’t in the Master Palette either. Is it somewhere else?


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You may have inadvertently deleted it. FWIW, attaching an actual image is easier for people to view than a Word document, but I'm assuming your document shows the articulations palette missing the fermata. Anyhow, to reset the palette, click the "..." menu and choose the reset option. You can also click the "More" area and drag the fermata back to the original location.

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Are you sure you are using MsueScore 3? Here is how it should look in that older version:

Screenshot 2023-01-31 12.34.08 PM.png

Maybe you're looking at the top of the entire palettes window instead of just on the Articulations palette itself as my screenshots have been showing?

Better of course to update to the current version, though.

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