Transposing Keys, Two Questions

• Jun 11, 2022 - 16:39

I've recently had to transpose a number of MuseScore files into different keys.

(1) The option to turn off the "use double #/b" and go for single #/b is welcome, but is there a way to change the preference so that single is my default? (I have to change this every time.)

(2) My transpositions have resulted in E#, Fb and B# (I'll accept a Cb). Is there a way to (as Finale calls it) "simplify spelling" to the more common enharmonic equivalent?

If it helps, I've been using the Tools > Transpose > Transpose chromatically (to key) function.

Sorry if this info is available elsewhere in the forum. I did a quick check but couldn't find it.

Thanks so much,
- Rob


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Thanks for all the responses. I did some experiments (j, Ctrl j, "respell pitches") and I can't get what I want, so I don't think it's possible. When I transpose a song, I basically want MuseScore to never give me a double sharp/flat and never give me a E#, Fb or B#. It looks like I'm asking for too much (yes, I know how to fix these enharmonics when I get them, I just don't want to get them!).

How about my first question about preferences?

Again, thanks for the help.
- Rob

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If it's just those three pitches/spellings, then a doable workaround can be to right-click one of them and use "Select > More" to select all current occurences of that note in that spelling in the score. You then only need to perform the respelling (with J) a limited amount of times.

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