Note sustain

• Jun 10, 2022 - 15:53

HI, ALL my 1000 plus songs have suddenly developed a sustain on every note resulting in a terrible sound. So a semi quaver, or quaver or crotchet sounds just like a minim. They sound like a two note echo. What do I do to get things back to normal? I have tried setting to preferences to default. But this has no effect. It is perhaps some setting I have inadvertently selected


If it happens to all scores, then probably it's not an issue with the scores but with your synthesizer setting. Attaching a score just to be sure is a good idea anyhow. But more likely, you've done something like install a third party soundfont that has issues. So go to View / Synthesizer and restore everything to the defaults there.

Or maybe you have MIDI output enabled, and some other program is now also playing the notes? Check also Edit / Preferences / I/O and make sure that's not the case, and make sure you aren't using JACK, which could also be sending info to other programs. r, if you are intending to be using MIDI output or JACK, check your other programs.

Thank you all for your Comments and suggestions. It seems the fault lies in the cabling and the mixer that I use. I have hooked up my computer to a sound system at at friend and the problem does not occur.

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