How to remove *all* instruments

• Jun 9, 2022 - 09:24

Where I have a piece with an instrument assigned, how do I remove it if it is the only one? So that the score is as if I had created it using the options as in the attached image.

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A score with no instruments is not a thing. there would be nowhere to put any notes. If you're just wanting text but no music, a word processor is normally a better choice. But, you can have a score with no measures, and I've used that occasionally if I wanted to post something to that had no actual music, just text. Create a score normally, then Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Delete.

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Hard to say much from just a picture, but I assume that's a score with a single instrument containing one staff, and that instrument happens to have an empty name. Normally empty instrument names wouldn't ever happen - MuseScore actually tries to prevent that from happening accidentally. But I could imagine it might still occur if you are working from a custom instruments.xml file that explicitly specifies an empty name, or perhaps a MusicXML import that also specifies an empty instrument name. Or, I suppose, if you hand-edit an MSCX file to remove the trackName property on the instrument.

Anyhow, the point is, that's still an instrument, just one without a name. Knowing how the score got into that state would be interesting, as would seeing the score itself so we can look at the Staff/Part Properties and other internals to see if this empty name is the result of a bug that needs fixing or if it really an intended result of whatever action led to this.

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I don't know if GuitarPro adds names to its instruments or not. Seems it should, since it support multiple ones, and it would be extremely confusing to look at the instrument list for a rock band score and not be able to tell which instrument was which.

Note that just because the instrument has a name doesn't mean it will appear on the score itself. The instrument name is important for display in the mixer, when generating parts, and other purposes. But you certainly don't need to actually print it in front of the staff. MuseScore normally hides those names automatically when it makes sense to, but you can also override this in Format / Style / Score, or by cleaning out the "long instrument name" and "short instrument name" in Staff/Part Properties. but the "part name" will normally always remain set to the actual name of the instrument being used.

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Not sure if it was clear in my original comment: GP imports set all of that information correctly, including the sounds used in the Mixer, but fails to actually set the staves' instrument themselves, resulting in an empty space where the instrument name should be in both the Instruments dialog and the Instrument field in Staff/Part properties. I myself don't have GP, so the scores I've imported have all been downloaded from online, and specifically this seems to happen with GP5 scores but not GPX. I'd attach pictures of what I'm talking about, but I'm having much difficulty getting anything to attach to this comment right now. If you download the GP5 score from here, for instance, and check out the Instruments dialog and Staff/Part properties, you'll see what I mean:…

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