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• Jun 8, 2022 - 22:28

I know that this has been discussed before (not by me --, and I use the workarounds suggested in that thread, but they are really quite crude. Placing both the grace-note syllable and the main sylllable under the main note, and then fiddling around with the spacing, works well enough when there's only one grace note and one extra syllable; but when there are more then one, it looks absolutely terrible (especially since it seems to be impossible to move around the spacing of multiple grace notes relative to each other). And if one changes the size of the score as a whole (using Format --> Page settings), it messes up the spacing that one has programmed, because the spacing is absolute, not relative.

There really should be a simple way to enter lyrics under grace notes, just as one would do under any other note. I am told that in Finale it is trivially easy. Can anyone work on this feature for the next update of Musescore? Thanks!


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In Eastern European Jewish cantorial music, grace notes with lyrics are used in almost every piece. See the attachment, from The Musical Tradition of the Eastern European Synagogue by Sholom (Sylvan) Kalib, one of the greatest musicologists in American academia (volume 3A, p. 228). See the opening grace notes in measures 45 and 47, each with the syllable "mi". In addition to composing, I also work in transcribing manuscripts of music of this genre, and I have no easy way of transcribing the grace notes with lyrics, which come up all the time.

This is definitely a feature that we need on Musescore. We have lots of features of non-Western music, such as half sharps and half flats, and many others. We certainly need someone to add this feature. Thank you.

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In some other notation software grace notes are just being considered as normal notes - just smaller,
which is why the issue does not occour. The advantage is: You can still skip them for lyrics, if you want to, but you don't have to like in Musescore, so this is a bit of a problem. It would be great, if this could be improved.

The suggested workaround does not work for me, when there are multiple grace notes, and when the syllables require a hyphen between them. See attached file. Binding lyrics to the grace notes themselves should be possible in MuseScore and I very much support this feature request.

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