Tuplet bracket incorrect placement

• Jun 8, 2022 - 18:53
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1) Created a triplet via Ctrl+3.
2) Entered a 1/4 and 1/8 note.

The brackets were placed in a random place on top of each other, and I can't move them. Brackets for triplets consisting of 3 notes (e.g. three 1/8) seem to work as usual, but the one with two notes (1/4 and 1/8) creates the mess you can see in the picture.

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I tried to delete the notes and create them a different way: enter a 1/4, then hit Ctrl+3, then change 1/8 into a 1/4 and add another 1/8. It worked - the brackets are placed where they should be. I have no idea what went wrong when I was creating triplets as I was typing the notes.

Now I have a problem with another triplet - it shows just one upper bracket for two voices. The same triplet in the G clef is fine, while the triplet in the bass clef is broken. I don't what it is and why it happens, but there's definitely something wrong with tuplet brackets. At the very least, it's inconsistent behaviour.

P.S. It's just the bass clef. I tried deleting the bass notes and copying all notes with working brackets from the G clef. The lower bracket has vanished the moment I inserted the notes into the bass staff measure.

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Is this with a recent build? I can't reproduce this using a nightly from a couple of days ago. Can you attach the score itself, and/or give more precise steps - the exact sequence of clicks/keystrokes you are using?

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Yes, I'm using the nightly build as of 8 June. I've attached the offending part of the score. When I try to input a triplet into, say, the first measure of the third smaller stave, I see no brackets at all. The bottom bracket in the second stave is still missing. You try. Maybe it's me who's doing it wrong.

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Can't show you the misplaced bracket though, for I'd deleted the broken triplet and entered it again the way I've described above. So far, I haven't been able to reproduce it again, but it did happen, and I couldn't move the bracket. If it happens again, I'll be sure to preserve the file.

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On second thought, try this file instead. I placed two measures side by side - one where brackets were fine to begin with, the other one with a missing bracket. In the third stave you can see the result of my trying to input triplets. For some reason, the first triplet in the second measure has no bracket or number, while the second triplet is fine. Go figure.

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I've loaded the score from the most recent post into a recent nightly build. What steps do I now need to follow in order to see the problem? The tuplets already present look fine. Other than the missing one of course, but I'm not sure what you did to make that happen. When I create my own the usual way, it works fine, except for the vertical positioning, which is indeed off. Is that what you mean?

But nothing I do produces anything like your original image.

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I created a new file and repeated the steps. You can see that the result is identical to what I've been posting before - the first tuplet brackets are way off, the bottom bracket of the second tuplet in the bass clef is missing. Here's what I did:
- I created a new score;
- modified its style settings (no first system indentation, disable vertical justification, hairpins and dynamics above, tuplet slope to 0, text size +1);
- modified staff properties (merge matching rests);
- entered the notes the usual way (the first bass tuplet's brackets were off vertically from the get go and sat on top of each other, overlapping with the G clef bracket);
- unbeamed certain notes;
- hit Enter to introduce a line break, and voila - I got what you saw in my initial picture.

Here's what's interesting. Now, when I open the score (which I saved the moment the issue was reproduced), I can see no brackets for the first bass tuplet at all. I don't know what's going on, or why you can't reprodece the steps, but I'm pretty sure now that the bass stave is somehow involved, since it's the only place where tuplet brackets are acting up for me.

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I repeated the steps just to make snapshots so that you could see what's happening in stages:
- stage 1 (entering the bass tuplet);
- stage 2 (creating a line break);
- stage 3 (saving and reloading the file).

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By the way, I've just noticed that the slur over the B, A#, A notes in the bass clef has also disappeared. And there absolutely was a slur there. It's the bass stave again.

So, I've just tested it again, for the last time. I've downloaded the latest nightly build, didn't change any default settings for the score or staves. Just typed in the notes. You can see the result in the pictures:
- step 1 pic (note input just finished);
- step 2 pic (introduced the first break);
-- position 1, position 2, position 3 (breaks before different measures);
- step 3 pic (saved and reopened the score).

As you can see from the position pictures, the offending brackets stay ALMOST in place (move a bit to the right) as I introduce more breaks and the measure in question widens. Also, the second bass triplet is still missing the bottom number/bracket. However, the slur hasn't vanished this time.

I'm running the latest updated version of Windows 10.

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