Discarted changes, can I recover it?

• Jun 7, 2022 - 22:27

Hello guys, I accidentally clicked on discard changes and I didn't saved the progress, is there anyway I can recover this file? I already searched on the backup data following the instructions on the Handbook, but the discarded changes weren't there. Please help! It's part of a composition to my final project in my course.


If you did the whole thing in a single session, never ever saving it at all during the entire time you worked on it, then it's gone indeed, unfortunately. The expensive lesson here is, always save your work regularly. Always. I seldom go more than a few minutes without saving (Ctrl+S), in MuseScore or any computer program. Then if something goes wrong I forgot to save at the very end, no big deal, I've only lost the last few minutes of work.

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