Setting an SVG object to invisible does not dim the SVG onscreen

• Jun 5, 2022 - 06:28

I can uncheck the visibility of a selected SVG object in the Inspector. Doing so affects certain "spacing" alignments—as though invisibility was achieved—but the SVG object remains visible at full opacity.

When Show Visible is checked, objects marked invisible display in light grey. Something parallel would make sense for SVGs, like alpha transparency = 0.2


SVG Visibility in MuseScore 3.6.2.mscz


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@Jojo asked: Is it visible in the printout when set to invisible?

Good point. I hadn't checked.

Regarding the two SVGs with their Visible property unchecked, indeed they are only visible onscreen, but not "greyed" ... which led me to think the v command was failing to toggle their invisibility.

SVGs with an invisible property are indeed invisible:

• in PDF
• in hardcopy
•  when copied or saved to image with Image Capture
• onscreen when Show Invisible is unchecked

So it appears the only issue is the lack of dimming invisible SVGs on screen when Show Invisible is checked.


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Just revisited this post, as the issue came up again today in working on a score.

Jojo wrote >> I guess it is difficult to "grey out" an SVG

Grey out?

I was thinking MuseScore could employ alpha transparency = 0, with a universal affect ... in score view, image, PDF and hardcopy.


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Thanks for the list and handbook reference, Jojo.

  • (MuseScore currently does not support SVG shading, blurring, clipping or masking.)*

As jm6stringer confirmed, the Handbook is correct on shading SVGs: we don't have shading via the Color Picker's opacity control.

    • we can't select multiple SVG object with Control/Command click
    • we can't shift-click to select a range of SVG (as we can with chords or lyrics)
    • arrow keys change the selected SVG's dimensions, rather than incrementing its x or y coordinates respectively. Positioning is possible only with the mouse


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