Nice Tenor Saxophone needs repair

• Jun 2, 2022 - 12:24

Hi all,
I had the original soundfont which i had left aside because of the notes being cut very short, which made it unusable for me. Unfortunately i seem to have lost it and Eric Fontaine's link on youtube is not valid anymore.
The version above is looped, it is a nice effort but the result is not really successfull, is there a possibility to change it to a clean/"linear" looped soundfont ?


that is easy. the soundfont in Polyphone the Instruments folder select the Sax Instrument
3.on the left side under Global click on the sign behind Loop Playback and select the top setting (a straight line)

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Thanks bottrop for trying to help, but my stupid computer (with a french windows 7 sp1 32bit) won't allow the installation of Polyphone in english !
After having selected the sax, i see "General" in french on the left (blue tab) which could correspond to "Global" in english, but nothing under, wich could be the equivalent of "Loop Playback" (under "General", i have 3 lines (in black): -Samples(Echantillons)-Instruments-Ensembles.)

This is the version that I (somewhat) fixed (or broke).
Looped and tuned.
There are some samples that I don't like, these samples need to be deleted and some of the notes have to be repositioned and so on.
But my motivation is enough to do this much for now.
I worked for 4.5 hours for this; I do not know why. :)

PS: It's set to mono but includes a (fake) stereo version.

Edit: Soundfont updated

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"La Musica" is a Muse that my wife also met. No need to hesitate; she is not jealous of her. :)

Thanks for your feedback.
I hope you will be satisfied using it.
Best wishes to all of us!

// Soundfont has been updated, please download again:
A special vibrato patch, mixed with volume, pitch and frequency, was added as a gift after the good response.
This mixed vibrato (lip/breath) is a very nice effect used by the good saxophonists I've worked with when playing ballads etc. I tried to emulate as much as the SF2 Sounfont parameters allowed.

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