Nashville Number interprets inversions wrong

• May 31, 2022 - 07:31

Let's say I am in the key of C Major and I add a 5/7 (G/B) inversion, the chord that plays is 57/7 (G7/B).
If I do a 2/#4 (D/F#) it plays 2#4/#4 (D#4/F#). It adds whatever is after the " / " to the initial chord. So with the 2/#4 inversion instead of having: D-F#-A over F# I have D-F#-(G#)-A over F#. Let me know if this can be changed, I tried different voicing, changing from literal to jazz interpretation and nothing happens

In the musescore file, I show the problem clearly.

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Nashville_Number_Voicing.mscz 11.83 KB


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