How to view an individual sheet for a part from a score?

• May 31, 2022 - 01:36

For Context: I am new to using musescore for editing, My goal is to transpose a part from one instrument to another.
I clicked on the instrument name in the score and changed the instrument, this transposed the part to the instrument I am looking for. The part is still only transposed and changed in the score, how would I export this transposed part to an individual sheet that can be read?


If you want to save both instruments, the old and the new one, you have to go to "EDIT" menu, option "INSTRUMENTS". You will see a lot of options about the name and kind of clef(s) to the new instrument you want.
Then, when you get the new stave to the new instrument, you just have to select all the bars of the old instrument and copy them to the new stave. Musescore automatically adjust the right notes, but not always the pitch. I mean, there are times when you will get notes too high or too low in the new stave. If that is the case, you can set it going to the "TOOLS" menu, and use the option "TRANSPOSE". Also, when you select all the new stave, you can use the following keyboard shorcuts: CONTROL+UP ARROW (if notes are too low), or CONTROL+DOWN ARROW (if notes are too high).
When you get the new instrument stave according with your expectation, you can create individual printed part going to the "FILES" menu, option "EXPORT...", option "EXPORT TO PDF". See the left box and click only the part (instrument) you want to print.
The new PDF file can be printed as usual.
That's all, folks!!!

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