Chord symbols not sounding when file uploaded to

• May 26, 2022 - 07:48

I am experiencing issues with uploading files to

I wanted versions with the chord symbols being played back, but each time I try to upload to, the chord symbols (now) do not play back.

I can get round this by writing out a separate part, but I shouldn't have to do this.

I have looked at the Format->Style sheet and the chord symbol playback is on.
I have also looked the chords with the Inspector - again should be on.

This is not necessarily a problem with the MuseScore program, but it is quite a nuisance - as now it's not so easy to know whether the chords are going to work with, and if they don't there is extra work to make versions which force this explicitly.

Example - file on

Attached - file for playing in local version.


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Ah, sorry - I got the impression that it was only on that the chords didn't play. FWIW I downloaded your attachment and the chords play fine on my system (Windows 10, MS 3.6.2 latest version). But I take your point - I hope the experts here can offer you more constructive advice

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I thought that was indeed the situation, but it's new to me - as things like this were working very recently. I'm trying to find out what - if anything - has changed. I agree that is a different site, but it's important to be aware of what's compatible and what is not. That can make a significant difference to the amount of work involved in getting things set up, particularly for people who use for teaching, or other shared purposes.

How certain are you that those are the same files? I can't download the .com one because of the restrictions you have on it; but the "local" one as you attached here has a different score url in it's properties..

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OK - I was pretty certain - as it's happened a few times today - which interestingly led me to a new composition - without any accompaniment. I'll check again, and if needed I could change the properties so you can check on the .com site. I'll do that later - might be tonight or by tomorrow.

As I mentioned elsewhere, the problem here is not about, it's about the chord symbol playback not being designed to work with sounds that support single note dynamics. You need to use a non-expr sound. As it is, the chord symbols don't play locally, either - not until you force the generation of the appropriate MIDI messages by first clicking a note.

FWIW on your .com file, open the mixer and enable the synth. Then your chords play. Should itbethat way? I have no idea because I don't use that site.

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Are you referring to the version as uploaded to If so - how would I open the mixer on that site?

You might mean to download the file and run it locally - so that the "local" mixer is visible. I am unaware of any way of getting control over a mixer on the site, but if it's possible I'd like to know - and how to do it.

Also, you mention enabling the synth. Again, I don't know if it's possible to control or change the remote synth on the site.

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It is, might be a Pro feature though, not sure. If it's available to you, it's the icon on the main toolbar to the left of the tempo slider.

But, it's also not relevant here. The issue here, again, has nothing to do with at all. It's simply a mismatch between SND and expr/non-expr settings. The problem is completely reproducible on my computer without being involved in any way at all.

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That's interesting. I can get something to appear, but there's a message about it only working with a Synthesizer. I would at least like to know how to do/use this - though Marc may have identified an issue as I don't think I'm currently a Pro subscriber to

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I think this is the page - followed from your link - which is/was relevant to me.

and this

I can check again, but I'd be disappointed [very] if I've been charged a lot for something I didn't feel I needed.

I don't mind paying a modest amount for services which I find useful, or helpful to myself and others.

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The message about the synthesizer is true - if you don't first enable that, the mixer can't do anything, because it's actually just playing re-recorded audio.

As for your Pro subscription, could be you did cancel it but still have that until the month or year you've already paid for runs out. You'd have to contact the support people over there about that.

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