Exporting parts with invisibile notes remaining invisible?

• May 25, 2022 - 16:45

With MuseScore 3.6.2 on Windows 10, I find that invisible notes/rests remain invisible when the score is exported to PDF using the "Full Score" option — but that these invisible items are "printed" in the PDFs of the exported individual parts. Is that behavior expected? Is there a way to prevent invisible notes from appearing in exported individual parts?

(In the score that prompts these questions, the invisible notes/rests in question are all in Voice 2, whereas their visible counterparts are in Voice 1. Also, the invisible notes have visible lyrics attached to them. The lyrics appear as desired, without the invisible notes, in the exported full score. I'm using the technique recommended elsewhere on the forum to work around MuseScore's inability to attach lyrics to rests: enter dummy notes in an unused voice, add lyrics to the dummy notes, then make the notes invisible. I wish you could enter lyrics on rests but then I would be out gardening instead of enjoying the Forum.)


Visibility, being a layout property, is not linked between a score and the parts. So you'll have to make those notes invisible in the parts as well.

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