how to save common defaults?

• May 23, 2022 - 14:20

There's probably an easy answer to this, but it wasn't forthcoming in the search. And the Advanced tab doesn't seem to have what I want.

I find that when creating a new score, I always have to change a number of things:

  • page size (why is it defaulting to A4? I live in the US and want Letter...
  • I want measure numbers OFF
  • I want narrower margins
  • I want different instrument names (eg, I want the Hammond organ to always just say "B3")

Those are the ones that quickly come to mind.

This will save me needless repetitive work.

Thanks in advance!


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So, I went straight to your Template suggestion, since I'd rather have solutions for all 4 rather than just the 3. Seems to work great. I had to move Templates' location in Preferences into Dropbox so it would sync to my other Macs and thereby be available everywhere, and that's working.


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> "And with that printer (and a Mac), see also #316152: Some characters do not print from Leland on certain printer drivers on Mac, just to prevent falling into the next booby trap"

Oh yes, thanks, I'm aware. If I wasn't going almost completely PDF, I'd be totally SOL here. But sometimes I just want to sit at the grand piano with a piece of paper, and that doesn't print properly. A conversation for another thread!

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Okay, thanks. Emmentaler does work. I've been nervous about changing the fonts because I carefully inspect all my scores and the alignment of objects and don't want surprises popping up with overlays, wraps, etc. But maybe I'll change my default going forward.

As mentioned, MuseScore normally gets your default page size from the default paper size of your default printer. Occasionally, however - especially on Linux - this fails, and it defaults to A4 instead. So you can save the following style file to your Styles folder and specify it as the default in Edit / Preferences / Score.

The rest of the settings you mention are really not things you should normally make program-wide defaults - they are more suited as templates. Because. not literally all scores should be without measure numbers - like if you ever do a large ensemble score you'll surely want them. So I assume you are creating solo scores or lead sheets mostly. In which case, simply set up such a score the way you like then save it to your Templates folder. Then whenever you create a score, just select that template from the Custom section int he new score wizard, and it will be set up with your favorites settings.

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This is somewhat off topic from a technical point of view, but on topic in the sense that I'm trying to streamline my workflow (and sync across various devices)...

Above, I'm syncing my Template to my various devices by moving that folder in Preferences to Dropbox. Works great.

Meanwhile, I also made a custom palette this morning to make my life easier. Fantastic. Works great. But for some reason, those are stored in the Library area:

MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/MuseScore/MuseScore3/.

and I don't see a way to customize that. Any reason that location is not configurable like everything else in Preferences? Do I have to hand-copy my Palette to the other devices each time they change?


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Indeed, this isn't directly customization, so for now you'll need to do so manually. Feel free to submit an official Suggestion to the Issue tracker so it can be considered for the future.

Meanwhile, if your OS supports it, you could set up a symbolic link aka "shortcut" for this folder so it points to a shared location.

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You can make "Aliases" in macOS. But MuseScore stores Palettes under ~Library, a folder that macOS hides by default because it contains managed files that they generally don't want you messing with. I'm pretty sure I have read in the past that it's not supported to play games with these files. Plus, I share my files using Dropbox, which as of about a year ago, stopped syncing Aliases properly.

I'll look for the Issue Tracker and submit it.

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