modification date - applies to all parts

• May 19, 2022 - 15:36

Hi. Is there away to avoid all parts having their modification date updated when I update just 1 part of a score? e.g. 10 parts with a mod date of 1/1/22 (UK date) - I make a change to just the bass part (on the bass part - not the main score) on 1/2/22 and all other parts get a mod date of 1/2/22. I use the mod date for version control - this global change means all musicians think their part has been updated (new mod date) and then think they have to reprint their part. TIA. A.


Parts (in the sense of File > Part) are a part (no pun intended) of the (main) score, which is one single (mscz) file, so they all always have the same modification date.
When the score changes, all parts change, when one part changes, the main score and all other parts change. Even if their individual content does not.
The modification date is the score file's timestamp, as reported by the operating system

Sounds then like you want to note the date that particular "part" was modified, not the date the file was, which is all the metadata knows - because all parts are stored in the same file. So you'll need to not use the metadata and just update the text in your part manually to indicate when changes are made.

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