Need bass flute UoI soundfont

• May 19, 2022 - 11:16

Looking for someone to make a soundfont for the Bass Flute Samples from UoI.
I have a GM compatible soundfont that I put together using as many UoI instruments I could find (mostly string samples) and a couple extra really cool instruments. I upgraded the choir with authentic sounding voice, and I got some great saxophones. One of the last things I need is a bass flute. And maybe even lower flutes if you have them ;)
Also, I have the alto flute from UoI


the Iowa BassFlute samples are not worth the trouble of making a soundfond.
the recordings are exellent, but what you hear is someone who cannot play a bass flute.
install Polyphone and try it yourself.
regards bottrop

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Yes; I agree.

I looked at the pre-2012 samples: (Post-2012 samples were made with the "ff" version of the same mono samples, the same mono channel doubled into stereo)
Another strange thing: the difference in timbre between successive notes. It is as if different flutists blew these notes in sequence with different flutes.
Worse still: there is a volume vibrato that cannot be corrected and looped properly. The way a few notes are played is too bad to be used. And intonation is not good either.

I tinkered with them all evening (otherwise, how would I know so much about these samples?), and I used some samples and eliminated some to get an average instrument sound. I Looped these manually (don't try: it's totally not worth it).
And I made a soundfont with these just to give you an idea.

Again: These samples were not recorded specifically for use in the soundfont. And as a result (in my opinion) it is not considered useful.

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