Include playback tempo % on playback toolbar

• May 14, 2022 - 16:20

On "Customize Playback Toolbar", I wish there was an option to add "Playback Tempo". This should show a box in the toolbar with the current tempo percentage, optionally with little up/down arrows to bump it by 5%.

I love the shortcut commands added recently to increase/decrease/reset tempo, but to view the current tempo you have to keep the Play panel open... which hogs a lot of space.



Great! Is there a beta version of 4 available for download?

If you mean a slider like on the play panel -- I really don't like setting tempo with a slider. On the play panel, the tempo slider takes up a lot of space, yet is almost impossible to use -- because the range goes from 10% to 300%. The vast majority of the time you want to set tempo between 50% and 100%, but that region of the slider is so small, it is very difficult to adjust.

(And maybe it's just me... I always try to slide it UP to go slower... like a real metronome. :-))

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Currently, as mentioned, the slider is missing in MuseScore 4 builds. There is a proposed design for how it could be added back.

In 3.6.2, you can resize the play panel to make it as tall as you like, and also use the spinbox, so getting precise isn't actually difficult at all.

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