Add strings harmonics circle notation

• Sep 13, 2014 - 23:21
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It'd probably be part of "Articulations & Ornaments" palette. Something like a small version of the "ouvert" element. I've attached an image from… as example.


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Indeed, isn't that the same symbol, just perhaps a different font? And MuseScore provides two alternate fonts you can try instead (see Style / General).

Hi, there's nothing wrong if you use "ouvert" symbol to mean "open string". The harmonic symbol is cleary smaller, say half the size of the note head and can't be confused with "open string" symbol.

Hi Marc, I've tried three different fonts provided by 2.0 and didn't get any good :\

I've also tried playing with 'o' and '0' but doesn't work neither.

There has been some requests in the past for this, but I couldn't find a acceptable solution:

This image from wikipedia article on strings harmonics is very accurate:…


Status (old) needs info active

It appears Bravura provides a separate "Harmonic" symbol; you can add that ti your palette by copying it from the Master Palette (Ctrl+Shift+drag). It's about 90% of the way down. I guess we could consider adding this to the default palettes.

I've used the Bravura harmonic symbol from the master palette and it looks great when I move it about 0,30 horizontally. But, when I export to pdf they suddenly move very far to the left. I have to go back and move them about 1,70 to the right for it to look good on the pdf.

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''consider adding this to the default palettes.'''---
yes pls do it.
and I added it to my palettes, and found it has alignment problem with fingering numbers.

hi all, it's good to see we are improving this, my score did not crash for adding O. As a violinist, I have to mark it on the scores very often, what I am doing now is to add O from sybombls to palettes and then click to add it in.

if musescore could let me do this: type finger number (e.g. 4) and hit return key, with the mouse curser in the next line of same text box, click O from the palette, and let them align well automatically. would be already good! if keyboard shorcutts were provided, it would be the best.


by the way I added traditional fingering font: Maestro to the program for fingering, it makes the scores looks better and like real, but not easy for this:


That glyph is not yet added as an articulation, just as a special character, so behaves accordingly. My PR is about to change that. And the crash was one of the problems I had doing this, these are now solved

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit b417f7de92

fix #109136, fix #33201: add some articulations

stringHarmonics and a few fermatas as well as getting these and the ones
from dafb5f3 and ab354df translated. Also getting some of the previously
added articulations to play back properly and import from ove as well as
export to XML (import is missing)