Buzzing on play back of scores

• May 14, 2022 - 09:25

Often, not always, when I play back a score, there are odd short (less than 1 second) and very audible buzzes. These come quite at random but seem to be less frequent as MuseScore 'warms up' and are usually in the fist 20 or so bars. They are not embedded in any score , meaning that if I replay the score they may or may not occur and if they do they will occur at different places in the score. I can accept that this may be a feature of interference of the sound card on my computer or even the sound system - but I doubt this as the buzzes do not occur when I play music from any other source (iTunes, Musicnotes, YouTube, steaming etc) , but in case it is not, is there any explanation and any way I can get rid of them as they are annoying, especially during performances.


During performances?

For starters, try cycling the MIDI button in the center of the top op MuseScore task bar a few times.
Then in Preferences/ (I/O) hit the Restart Midi and Audio Devices button.
You might need to reset MuseScore to default settings. This is in the manual. Also in the Help section of the menu bar.

Seems to be a system resource problem. Kike when you first start MuseScore you are short on RAM and your OS chooses to not give museScore access to much memory, and then when you start playback, MuseScore needs more memory and your OS has to swap out other programs to make room.

More RAM would probably help, or just close other programs, or just do a "warm up" playback to get more memory allocated.

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