Quickly save updated version to pdf?

• May 10, 2022 - 18:29

I sometimes make adjustments to scores, and I always like an updated pdf version of the score. If I do that, ctrl+S is a fast easy way to save to file, which is perfect. However, I would like to be able to save just as easily, preferably with the same command, to overwrite the previous pdf version of the score, as well. Is there a way to do this without opening the export dialog and navigating to the proper folder and all that?


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a plugin in musescore? I didn't know it did that. I can code this myself? Would I be able to tell it which directory to save in, and to use the filename of mscz file as pdf file? If I can do this, that would be really sweet. If I could also make it activate every time that save the file with ctrl+S that would also be really sweet.

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Try this one I just whipped up: https://github.com/jeetee/MuseScore_SaveAsPDF/archive/refs/tags/1.0.0.z…
Extract the zip into your user plugin folder for MuseScore.
First use the configure plugin to select your export directory
Then enable the export plugin and assign it a shortcut. You can't use Ctrl/Cmd+S as that is a hardcoded application shortcut, but you could for example use Cltr/Cmd+Alt+S. Just remember to use it whenever you wish to overwrite your exported PDF with a new version.

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