overlapping brackets

• May 8, 2022 - 22:18

Hi folks!

I'm trying to get rid of the overlap in the brackets that you can see here:

overlapping brackets.png

I have no idea why the bracket for the Violin is "stealing" the staff of the OB-X. The Violin "Instrument" is only configured to have one (treble) staff. I don't see anything in Inspector that gives me control over this.

Can someone enlighten me regarding how to fix this, assuming it's not a bug?

Score attached:



Just select the topmost bracket and delete it. Then if you want a bracket on that violin stave, add it from the Brackets pallet.

I see from the score properties that it originates as a musicxml file, presumably created by another application and imported into MuseScore. If you attach the original musicxml file, someone who knows about such things can take a look and may be able to determine whether the problem stems from the other app exporting a malformed musicxml file or from Musescore making a hash of importing a well formed file.

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Okay, duh, thanks for that. But I think, as you inferred, I was trying to find the "right" way to fix it. It never occurred to me that there may have been some corruption in the file that I originally imported (and have massively changed.

Thanks again!

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If you ever manage to replicate the problem, please come back with the musicxml file and describe its source. There are problems with such imports, often caused by the source app but also some are down to Musescore. The latter are being fixed for future versions as they are found and well documented examples are valuable for that process.

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