Why are some of my songs not updatable on MuseScore?

• May 4, 2022 - 21:24

Hi. I have uploaded over 30 songs to MuseScore to date. In most cases, I use custom soundfonts, so when I upload to the website, I also upload the MP3 audio track created by the score inside the program.

In some cases, however, (perhaps 50%), I am discovering that when I edit the score in MuseScore and try to update the new version of it to the website, the program does not recognize the old version already on there, and attempts to upload the song anew, ignoring the copy there. If this happened, I would lose all reference to the original, and all views, favorites, likes, etc. Not what I want!

I have discovered that I can "Replace the File" online by "updating the score" on the MuseScore website. However, it does not appear it also allows me to replace the AUDIO file I uploaded with the original. The original audio file stills plays, so if I fix an error in the score and replace the file, the sheet music will be fixed, but the audio MP3 file I originally uploaded as well, remains unfixed. So, is there a way to replace both the file and the audio MP3 file I originally uploaded with it? Alternatively, how can I get the program to recognize the original file that I created when I originally uploaded to MuseScore? Could there be a "title" problem? If so, how do I recognize the name of the original file?

Thanks in advance for your help.


While I personally am not sure why that happens, the solution is to copy and paste the URL of the existing score into the "source" field of the score properties, found in the File menu.

Issues with musescore.com are to be reported and discussed over on musescore.com, like in https://musescore.com/groups/improving-musescore-com/, not here on musescore.org

But I believe to have seen that issue myself, a couple days ago (it always worked before that), and I believe the culprit is that for some reason the 'source' tag in File > Score properties gets hosed, changes from a full URL like https://musescore.com/user/xxxxxx/scores/yyyyyyy to something different (I can't reproduce it at the moment)

So yes, I can confirm the workaround mentioned above, as well as having seen this issue myself too.
But currently I can't reproduce it anymore.

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