Can't get a Diminuendo on a single note

• Apr 30, 2022 - 20:41

In the example in the first JPG titled Oboe 1, neither the hairpin, nor the diminuendo line options work on the sustained note. Am I doing something wrong?

The hairpin diminuendo does work correctly on the 1st Violin part in the JPG titled 1st Violin, but I was able to deduce that it's due to the tremolo which the synthesiser somehow interprets as multiple notes. Once I took the tremolo off, I had the same problem as with the Oboe.

I did observe that if I break up the half note into 2 quarters without the tie, the diminuendo works, but that's not the effect that I want.

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I can't hear a picture, nor inspect score and mixer settings on it; so you'll just have to do with some generic response and if that doesn't cut it, share the actual score.

First thing to check is: Is the sound that is assigned to the instrument in the mixer the "expr" variant?
Next things to check:
* Are the instruments SND enabled (staff/part-properties)
* Are you using custom soundfonts?
* Did you change the SND CC used by the synthesizer?

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That excerpt simply works here. For clarity I've soloed Oboe 1 and do hear the dim in m7.
To make it more clear that this works, I've changed the velocity value for the p in m8 to "5" using the inspector. Then play it again and the effect is really obvious. (Don't forget to restore the p value back to the default of 49)

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You know, it's weird! I hear the diminuendo in the excerpt too (which I just extracted and didn't listen to, before posting).

However, when it was included in the overall score, there was no diminuendo.

In the overall score though, I also just noticed that if I hit the "to Expr" button in the Synth dynamics tab, the first dim (measure 3) works nicely, but the second (measure 7) doesn't.

When I used a p-value of 5 in measure 8, there is a hint of a dim, but I mostly noticed a strange tremolo-like effect in the oboe and English horn.


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The problem appeared to be in the overall score. Strangely, the dim worked in the excerpt. I wonder if there are some settings in the main score that are somehow messed up. The first dim works nicely now, even inteh main score when I hit the "to Expr" button in the Synth Dynamics tab, but the 2nd dim still doesnt work.

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