Chord symbols not doing anything

• Apr 30, 2022 - 01:00

The chord symbols on my score aren't making any sound, and I've checked every tutorial on this website I could find to try to fix it, but after completing the instructions... well I couldn't. Because for some reason, the button I need to press to make the chord symbols produce sound FOR SOME REASON JUST. ISN'T. THERE!!!! Could someone please tell me what to do before I go insane, please? Thank you.


If you still have trouble after reading the above, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better. But to be clear: there is no button you need to press to play chord symbols. It should just happen automatically. So I am not sure which button you are looking for. Maybe the Play button in the Inspector that you would need to turn chord symbol playback off? If you don't even see that, I see three possibilities:

1) you might not have selected a chord symbol before looking at the Inspector
2) you might have entered the chord symbols as plain text instead of using the actual chord symbol feature
3) you might be using a several-years-old version that predates support for chord symbol playback

Of these, the last seems most likely to me. Especially if you are on Windows and used the "store" version instead of the version your download here from this site.

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