soundfont collection that covers all instruments

• Apr 28, 2022 - 07:20

Hi folks,

I am thinking about creating a list of soundfonts that combined, cover most of the instruments that we see from the sheets in thsi website.

So far I have these, see screenshot, most of them are from soundfonts4U.

Let me know what do you feel is missing, and what you feel needs to be added.


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Did you only check those sound fonts? There are around 300 piano sound fonts all free, of which 70 are good and 20 are really good; 50 free orchestral sound fonts; about 10 good organs out of a total of about 25; about 20 soundfonts per choir / voice. I'm doing a big document with all soundfont checked and a rating, source, short description, updates / improvements. (There are about 50 websites for soundfonts)
Anyway good idea.

Great idea.
Many times there is a listing for fonts in a Google search that are broken links.
The problem is that:
1. Everyone's idea of a good sound is different.
2. The fonts don't always work well in MuseScore.

I've tried most of the big name fonts and found them lacking. String sounds don't sustain. Funny swells on all notes. Odd attacks and releases.
A big improvement for me was the introduction of SND in the default font. Other fonts can't do this. While I use the default font, I also use the solo horn and trumpet from another font that I think are better.

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these are good points! I agree each person has his own taste, so maybe a collection is better than just 1 big file.

You are right, it will take some time to test each of the soundfonts to make sure they work well in musescore.

Strings seem difficult to reproduce in midi, I feel the same way, while Pianos are the best sounding midi instrucment.

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Hi Bedjka,
That last one in your list (musical-artifacts) is really nice. I've just tried it with a number of midi files and the sound is very realistic at least for most pop/modern music. I havn't tried it with piano-centric or classical yet but I'm thinking of swapping in a few of the instruments from my site (like multi-layered bass, violin, flute and piano) to provide a full compliment of quality sounding instruments in the one soundfont. If I'm happy with the result I'll post a link.
John (soundfonts4u site)

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