Piano score where piano accompanies a solo instrument, cross-part oddity

• Apr 27, 2022 - 11:57

I don't think of this as a bug report, because I am not reliably able to duplicate the actions and results. Perhaps it is a request to understand how Musescore behaves under the circumstances, so I can avoid the problem, or can fix it if it occurs. A 'user error' issue perhaps.
In a work for cello and piano, I have created the 'master' .mscz file. From that I have created two parts, The first is the 'piano score' showing the piano part and the solo cello, on a separate stave above the piano. The second is the 'Solo Cello' part. In the piano score I want the cello stave to be small notes, as that reduces white space and allows more piano staves to be on a page, but the pianist still sees the solo part.
As I see it, my options are to create the 'master' file with normal sizing for all parts, then create the parts, then modify the 'piano score' cello stave by selecting the cello stave and choosing all the notes to be small, using the Inspector.'
I have done this, with a result that the notes in the separate Solo Cello part are also now showing as small. Changing the notes in the Solo Cello back to 'normal', seems to then make the same change in the Piano Score.
I have tried making the notes in the cello stave in the 'master' file small, and then try to make them 'normal' in the Solo Cello part, but....the notes in the Solo Cello part are not shown in the Inspector as being 'small', so I can't enlarge them to be normal. There have also been variations, where some phrases are shown by the Inspector as being 'small' (so they can be enlarged), and others, even one next to each other, are not shown as 'small' so they cannot be enlarged.
I think this may have been a corruption of some kind, rather than a bug, but I welcome advice. What is a correct sequence of part modification in order to achieve a 'small note' stave in one part, but not the others? If this occurs perhaps due to a corruption of some kind, what might be an approach to fix the corruption, short of re-entering all the notes?


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I upload the .mscz, with the parts..... Please note: I have 'fixed' the Cello part by using cut and paste, re-entry of notes in some places, and have not tried to replicate the issues. This piece is being performed in a few days and I needed to get the music out to the musicians, so did not want to experiment any more.
Good luck. I do think there was a corruption somewhere, somehow.
and, thank you

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Yes, thank you. Using the 'small staff' formatting gives me what I want. I did not mention previously that the piano 'cues' I was including in the cello part were also not reproducing properly, but that seems not a problem now using the 'small staff' format. I am still not at all sure what happened, but as long as I know how to avoid a repeat of the problem, and still have the music formatted as I want -- I am happy.
Thanks to all....

For this type of score perhaps try this:
Right click on a blank place. Select "Style". Select "Page". Select "Disable vertical justification of staves".
Select a measure in the cello part. Right click. Select "Staff/Part Properties". On the right, select "Small Staff".
Select 'Apply".
As a start, anyway.

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