Hand clap sounds like whistle

• Apr 26, 2022 - 16:23

I've used an example here Celebrate - Copy.mscz of adding a hidden percussion stave to generate hand claps https://musescore.org/en/node/272208

Trying it in my score gives a totally different sound, more a whistle than a clap. As far as I can see all settings are the same. What could be causing the sound difference?

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That's the wrong notehead for hand clap. Use a standard note head. You can change what you have using staff properties. Select similar elements on same staff and hit the down arrow.

Thanks for follow up bobjp, which arrived on an email. I set the note heads like this, which is the way they are in the working example 272208 but no change in sound.

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Interesting. I opened your score.
Select first clap.
right click
mouse over "Select"
Select "All Similar Elements in Same Staff"
Hit down arrow.
Notes changed and sound changed to claps.

I have General HQ font. Though that or default General font should give the same result. Check in the mixer that hand clap is set to Drumset (checked) and Standard sound.

My guess is you entered those notes on another staff then copied them to the clap staff. Thaqt won't usually work, since the pitches will be wrong. Enter them directly onto the clap staff and the pitches will be correct right away - the note input system for percussion enforces that. But as mentioned, you can also "transpose" them to the correct pitch. Anything you do to hcnage the pitch of a percussion note forces it to next available defined pitch for the staff, and a clap staff has only the one defined pitch.

You wrote:
What could be causing the sound difference?

Did you paste the treble clef Soprano notes into the percussion clef?
MIDI note numbers for 'pitched' musical instruments do not translate into the MIDI percussion key map. The B4 which you entered in the soprano staff sounds as 'Short Whistle' in the percussion staff when it gets pasted.
Here's your score with handclaps:
Celebrate - Copy handclap).mscz
To enter more handclaps use note entry mode and type the letter A for each handclap.

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Ah, yes, I did! I was getting just a blue square when trying to enter notes in the percussion staff so resorted to pasting from the Soprano line. Your note made me check the mode and I'd left it in Rhythm mode from earlier transcribing. Schoolboy error!
So thanks, and indeed to everyone who responded. There's no end to what Musescore can do, so helpful for our choir practising.

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