• Apr 25, 2022 - 14:42

Is there any possibility to convert audio music to music sheet in musescore?

thank you


In reply to by Shoichi

But note there are no audio formats such as .mp3 or .wav included in the formats Musescore can import. In fact that is pretty much true of all notation programs. There may be some apps that can recognise and notate a simple one line melody and sometimes get close to a playable score. But nothing clever enough other than an experienced human that can take a recording of a Beethoven Symphony or a song by Adele or a Souza march and write out the score.

Basically, no. That sort of AI is still in its infancy, along with software that can take a picture of a car and turn it into a car. There exist some technologies (like 3D printing) that may eventually make something like that feasible, but it's a long ways from being that simple right now. Similarly, there are services that can take extremely simple one-line melodies and recognize the pitches in them and try to notate them, but that's a far cry from just plugging in your favorite song and having sheet music.

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