Best Orchestra and Piano Soundfont

• Apr 25, 2022 - 12:36

Please guys, which is the latest best piano orchestra SoundFont in SF2 format? I currently have the "HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v3.0.sf2 ", still, it doesn't give me the true or closest feeling to a real orchestra sound.


SoundFonts will never get you all the way there; they are too limited as a technology. That's because simply playing a recording of each note one at a time is not the same as how instruments really work when changing from note to note. MuseScore 4 will support VST instruments as well as some other technologies that can get closer to mimicking more of the subtleties that go beyond merely playing recordings of notes one at a time.

So, I'm not saying there aren't other soundfonts you might like slightly better than your current one. Just trying to set your expectations more realistically, here.

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Some things to consider:
MuseScore works best fonts that support Single Note Dynamics. This is critical. We can't just plop note in a score and expect good results.
The General HQ font has three choices for expressive violins. They each produce different results. We must pick the one that gives the best result.
We must also use a lot of dynamics and rubato type tempo chances. Hence the importance of SND.
Panning is of upmost importance.

It's not just the font we use but what we do with it.

I've tried many, many fonts. It's always a test.

I am looking for similar thing, while I understand Marc comment, it is difficult to catch up to the sound of most instrument other than keyboards, I think some soundfont still do a good job at reproducing orchestral feeling. @ndy, do you have a link of this HQ orchestral sound font? I would love to give it a try.

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