Guitar Tab in Parts

• Apr 23, 2022 - 21:17

When importing some GP scores from Ultimate Guitar, I've noticed that they have the guitar tablature showing in the parts, but not in the main score. I cannot figure out how this is done. The instrument dialog does not show the tab staff at all. Right-clicking on the tabs haven't given any useful information either. Help!


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And a feature request (AKA suggestion), at the same place, for allowing to hide linked (tablature) staves in main score and/or part (i.e. make them invisible idividuall in either, not only the entire instrument)

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a workaround could be:
write a score with standard and tab (to have the right frets)
delete the tabs
make a part called score or the title with all instruments
add the tabs again and make all the parts
so you have the same with only one full score added

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