Some Clefs and time signatures show as empty rectangles

• Sep 13, 2014 - 15:16
S4 - Minor

In my first attempt to try the recently released MuseScore 2.0 Beta 1, there are several clefs and time signatures that show as only empty rectangles.

I downloaded the source and compiled from scratch, after installing Qt5 on my system. This is under Gentoo linux, and I have tried this on two different systems (amd64 and x86) with the same results.

In particular, the treble clef 8vb (all the vb and va clefs) and the common time and alla breve time signatures do not render.

The symptom is as follows: in the time signatures or clefs pallettes, all the choices are shown, and they are correctly rendered. When you drag, for instance, the treble clef 8vb choice from the pallette to your score, once you cross into the score, what you are dragging is an empty rectangle. The clefs that work show as fully rendered graphics when dragging them to the score.

I believe I have all the required dependencies installed on my systems, but the list of what is required is not very clear.


And then remove them :-) You should not have any font with "mscore" in its name installed on your system. Those fonts are compiled in to MuseScore, but if it finds a similarly-named font on your system, it uses that instead.

I am guessing you have an old incompatible version of those fonts on your system left over from previous development work or from a previous installation of MuseScore that was packaged incorrectly. I have heard some package managers incorrectly attempted to set up those fonts to be installed. Unfortunately, if you are using one of those packages, uninstalling those fonts means that package (eg, MuseScore 1.3) won't work any more. Since this issue with bad packaging of 1.3 for some distributions was only discovered recently, it's not too likely there is an update available to fix it, but check with wherever you normally get your packages from.