Adjust Beam Lenngth?

• Apr 20, 2022 - 20:37

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Is it possible to adjust the length of the beam? I want the F (voice 2) to line up with F & A (voice 1).


THANKS EVERYONE for your replies.


You could adjust the notes' chord offset in the inspector, though note that the reason they aren't lined up already is that the high F is not on the same beat as the lower chord. Generally, notes that aren't on the same beat should be offset from one another to make the rhythm clearer.

Why should it line up?
A dotted 16th plus an 8 plus a 16th is not the same duration as a dotted 8th plus a 16th, the latter is a 32nd shorter

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You wrote:
Unfortunately I don't have an account where he saves his files so I was not able to download a copy.

That link shows the Top Liner Rag score as public domain. You should be able to download it using your existing mark8too account. For public domain scores you do not need to purchase a pro subscription.

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