How do I open a VST3 UI in the MU4 alpha?

• Apr 15, 2022 - 03:42

As per the title. I've downloaded the alpha, and setup some VST3s (some native, some bridged through wine), which work really well! The one thing I can't figure out how to do is open the UI, which doesn't open automatically for me. One would think that clicking the button with the VST title would accomplish this, but nothing happens. Is this a bug, or am I missing something obvious?

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Linux 5.10.0-12-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.103-1 (2022-03-07) x86_64 GNU/Linux


No VST Gui here neither, on Ubuntu 20.04 TLS.
Not with the alpha, nor with the latest daily build.
Also, newly added VST's do not show up in the list.
i added other vst paths, but no changes.


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Is there a way to "pre-configure" a VST so that it's not necessary to use the GUI? (maybe a shell script wrapper or something?) Right now I can load up a VST3 (e.g BBCSO) on Linux, and the default Violin 1 sound seems to work fine, so it could be manageable if I could use presets to keep the state.

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There seems to be more to it than this, and actually the plan appears to be to just disable VST on Linux until 4.1 (or whichever release after 4.1 provides more full VST support). I think the focus for 4.0 is more on the new native sample library we will be providing, with other playback improvements (like full VST support) coming afterward. I could be wrong, and things could change. But that's my read of the current situation.

Related to this, how can we load SFZ instruments in MS4? Is SFZ still supported in MS4?
Just copying them in the soundfont directory does not work, and i don't see any setting elsewhere.
I know about the upcoming Musesampler (or whatever it's called now). But one never knows what will be announced concerning Linux here.

Also related, what about jack?
It loads libjack:

but no connection to jack.
I suspect that this will not be supported neither. After all, who uses jack?
But in the absence of VST support for Linux, this is useful for Linux users.
Also needed for syncing with xjadeo.

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See my previous comment, above. It seems the current plan is to not delay the release of 4.0 to support the same limited form of VST on Linux that will be present on Windows and macOS, but instead to add more complete VST support to Linux at the same time as the more complete VST support that will be added for Windows and macOS in 4.x.

It's already been announced for some time that SFZ won't be supported, in favor of VST (and there are VST players than themselves load SFZ). So when VST comes to Linux, SFZ will be possible as well. Not so clear about JACK. To me, that definitely seems worth bringing back, but I suspect it too might wait for 4.x. I don't there has been a definitive statement about this though.

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Hi Marc

Ok, i did miss the SFZ announcement, sorry.
So for playback on Linux, we will have the current Fluid sf2 playback, and the new "Musesampler".
But the MS3 effects Zita and SC4 will also be removed in MS4, and: "when installing the new MuseScore library, we will also download and install two of our own VST effects to make up for this". Which will not work on Linux being VST effects....

I wonder if jack was removed because incompatible with MS4, or just because it was cataloged as no longer needed. Only Linux users seem to be using it anyway.
Do you see another way to use xjadeo than via jack?
(i use xjadeo without the need of an external synth - unlike what was demonstrated in your Musecore Café)

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Again, the situation with Linux will be temporary only - just the initial 4.0 release. Then the full VST support should be added soon after. I have no idea what the plans are regarding JACK, though.

And yes, it does seem some Linux distributions somehow pre-configure things in such a way that xjadeo can somehow use a pre-configured synth of some kind without the need for an external one. I’ve never used a Linux distribution that does this, but apparently several people have encountered this so I certainly don’t doubt it works on those specific distributions.

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