Musescore 4 and features

• Apr 11, 2022 - 20:47

I was wondering, how long it is going to take until the official release of MuseScore and what features are added. Are we going to see:
-Big Time Signatures
-Improved Chords
- acc./rit.
What percentage (ca.) of requested but not implemented features is going to be added to MuseScor 4?


Best way to get a sense of MuseScore 4 is to check out the Announcements forum and try out the nightly builds and the current private alpha. The focus of MuseScore 4, as explained there, is less about "features" than it is about the improving the overall user experience and supporting better playback options as well as better default engraving. But there are quite a few new features. Not sure what sort of improvements you were looking for regarding chords or templates, but there is indeed a new accelerando/ritardando feature in development and you can see a preview of it (seems not finished yet) in the current builds.

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By visiting the Announcement forum as mentioned, and reading through the instructions there. Or you can wait for the public one to come later - it's still expected a lot of holes will be filled between now and then, even if we don't exactly how long that will day (days or weeks, I imagine, probably not months).

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