Standard groups of parts

• Apr 6, 2022 - 11:23

In the templates given, I think it'll be nice to have full scores with groups of parts already available (woods, brass and strings for example)
Apart from that, I think that the parts dialog could be able to generate those groups with appropriate buttons, since instruments are already disposed into those categories.


Can you explain more what you mean? In the various orchestral templates, these groups should already be separated in the score. Or do you mean, a single "part" for the winds? Music isn't generally published that way but it can indeed be a useful way of focusing your view while working on a score. MuseScore 4 will have improved controls for this.

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Yes Marc, it's exactly that: In orchestral rehearsals with students, we often group them by categories of instruments with a dedicated director.
When orchestrating, this is the way I work to isolate groups of instruments by sonority (for example when moving from grand orchestra to wind orchestra it's a very good way to check the rendering of the strings parts by the clarinets and sax).
It's a feature MS could offer for easing the work of pedagogues and composers.

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Right, and as I mentioned, it's already there - just create such parts yourself, containing whatever groups you personally find useful in your scores. If you typically write for similar ensembles with similar groupings, you can save the result to your own Templates folder for easy reuse.

And as mentioned, MuseScore 4 simplifies this process.

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