Bug with adding crescendo line

• Oct 17, 2008 - 21:35

I have a simple score I'm working on. When I try to add a crescendo to the last measure of a line, it appears there OK, but it also adds a portion of a crescendo mark at the beginning measure of the next line along with it. If I delete the extra fragment crescendo mark, my original marking is also deleted. So the system thinks they're all part of the same marking.


Hi mbratch,
I had the same problem.
A simple fix for now (bug will need to be looked at seperately by developers) is to click and drag the line from the palette to somewhere NOT near the edge of the page. Place it there, then re-click and drag to where you want it - it shouldn't then extend to the next staff. I have no problem then enlaging the length of the lines right up to to the edge (and even off the page) without the extra bits adding to the next line.
Dave Collin

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