How to enter unusual grace notes?

• Apr 2, 2022 - 22:44

I am adding a piece in MuseScore 3..6.2 that has some unusual notes in the piano part. I think they are grace notes but not sure. I was able to easily enter all of the notes for both staffs except the last meaure. The last measure appears to have trailing grace notes in bass clef followed by normal grace notes in treble cleff. If I put all four grace notes in the treble cleff would it play correctly, disregarding the ties? See attached pics in original music and Musescore as described above, This is not a big deal, but I am curious to learn more about MuseScore. Thanks,

Ben Carlson

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Thank you for looking into this. That is something I was not aware of. I do not play piano and am not familiar with some of the notations used. What puzzels me is that the music is in 4/4 time and the sixteenth notes are between the two half notes, like they may be grace notes. Should I enter them in voice two and if so, do they overlap the half notes, with a quarter rest and eighth rest before and after the four 16ths notes? THanks,


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Hi Ben --
Those are indeed grace notes--this is pretty straighforward piano notation for what is basically a fancy arpeggiated chord across two hands.
I tried to recreate the last two measures of your original. Getting the notes in place was no problem--I created the grace notes as a stream before the triad in treble clef, beat three; then switched the first two gracenotes to the bass clef (cross staff notation--CTRL+SHFT+arrow down). What I can't seem to be able to recreate is the ties in the bass clef.
There must be a solution for this--anyone?

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You can't add the ties between notes "owned" by two different staves in Musescore. If you want ties there, you have to create a second set of grace notes attached to the lower staff's half notes, make them all invisible, make only the first two play (you will need four if you want the timings to line up), and then tie those to the corresponding notes.

Also just generally speaking, don't tie grace notes to their corresponding principal notes. Musescore doesn't really handle it properly; specifically, it screws with the note duration and is generally a bit inconsistent. You'd be better off in this case doing as you did (adding in the grace notes), making them all set to not play, and then fiddling about in the pianoroll editor until the playback matches what you'd expect. That is, of course, if you care about playback.

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Thank you LuuBluum for your reply. After learning how to separate the grace notes into their proper staves, I believe the ties now work and play correctly. Trying to make this sound correctly for me is just a matter of learning and not critical as this piece is part of choral music. I do appreciat your response. Thank you.

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