Accessing Ties in a Plugin

• Mar 29, 2022 - 17:13

Is there a way to detect ties and then set their colour?

It would save me manual effort for this type of formatting:



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What does the tieForward value actually mean? How do I then use it?


  if(element.type == Element.CHORD) {
     console.log("Tie Forward: " + element.notes[0].tieForward);


Debug: Tie Forward: Ms::PluginAPI::Tie(0x14617270)

But how do I use this 0x14617270 value?

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Does it return a note object or a pointer?

My element.notes[0] should also be returning a note, and this to be confirmed by being able to reference its tieForward property. Then I get stuck because I don't know how to use the pointer that this property seems to be.

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The debug log shows you the element type and the address value for the wrapper element from it.

You can use it as a truthy value to see whether it exists or not and you can also use the object directly to access the element.

var tie = elements.notes[0].tieForward;
if (tie) {
    console.log("Tied", "color: ", tie.color);

Check out this slightly modified walk.qml which also shows the tieForward color and the score used to test it with.

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