Youtube video missing keyboard

• Mar 28, 2022 - 00:18

Hello everybody,

I am not sure if this is a bug or not so I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. I recently converted my score into a YouTube video, however, I noticed that the video is lacking the little keyboard at the bottom that shows which notes you play as it goes along with the sheet music. I was quite disappointed. I have watched other video tutorials and scores converted to Youtube videos and they have the little keyboard at the bottom. I am doing something wrong? Is it a setting I'm supposed to enable? (video I uploaded)
Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you are probably talking about a video created on the score-sharing website In which case, you'd need to ask over there on that site. Or, if you wish to create the video using MsueScore itself, just enable the keyboard from the View menu then use your favorite screen recording tool to make the video.


I tried reaching for the same issue (some videos are showing the keyboard and some are not). Their answer was to "reach".

I replied to the e-mail saying that they were wrong... then the issue was closed. I'm a pro user and every time I reach their support they are making quick and inefficient answers like the following :

  • You public score is not visible because users are not connected (=> wrong, corrupted my highest rated score and they don't want to fix it)
  • Try to convert the video with another browser (=> what ? I'm a computer scientist. I know how a server side conversion works)
  • Please go to

This is not serious.

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It's still the case though that coming here to talk about issues you are having with some other website isn't very useful. If you have a problem with that website, you need to take it up with their support team. We can no more help you with your issue with that website than we can with issues you might have wth Netflix.

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Hi Marc,

Despite I totally agree with you, do you know how easy it is to switch from to ? While I'm replying to you here at, I can enumerate at least 8 actions that will lead me to

I really appreciate the help that you and other people give to the community regarding the Musescore Desktop software. But honestly you (and I, because I also used to) can't keep saying all the time that the two domains are completely separate websites because of their really strong links. Can live without ? I've read a Jojo's post ( which confirms this link in some way.

What people are looking by visiting and complaining about is other people with the same issues. Someone to share the same thoughts.

So ok, from now you'll never hear me again complaining about on this forum, neither about my Spotify account.

Thank you.

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The two sites are related for sure since they belong to the same company. Just as the two websites Microsoft runs for their enterprise office solutions and their video game machines are related. That doesn’t mean it makes sense to pop into a forum dedicated to Outlook 365 and complain about problems you are having with a joystick controller.

Bottom line, if you want to commiserate with others having the same issues, far better to do it in the proper place, regardless of the ownership of the status of the respective websites.

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I noticed that my last message was not fun. I had many problems with my boss because I can't let it go when I have the feeling that people are fooling me. And he has 100% right. I hate feeling misunderstood.

Ok, I'll play your game (with my Microsoft Joystick) while I'm writing the walk-through in Microsoft Word. Oops, my joystick keeps losing connection and I search for Google. The first forum I find is related to gaming world.

Oops again, Word has just crashed and I google the error message. The first forum I find is related to Microsoft Office 365 suite. And no, I've not used my joystick to write my Word document. But perhaps having it connected made a conflict with Word.

Oops, I have an issue with Musescore.COM with a sheet I created and uploaded from Musescore.ORG software. The first forum I find is And yes, I used Musescore.ORG software to write and upload that sheet. Can I surprise you once more ?

While Outlook/Word has no link at all with the gaming world and my joystick, Muscescore .ORG and .COM aim the same goal : making sheet music accessible to everyone, playing sheet music and discussing on musescore.ORG about sheet music uploaded on musescore.COM. Will you deny the "Made with MuseScore" section in this forum which refers to many sheet links ?

And my bottom line if you allow me : I use MuseScore.ORG software to make musicxml sheets which I upload to Piano Marvel website. I have several limitations/bugs with it. I know I will never post on forum for a Piano Marvel issue related. I work for a company which has different "sub-companies" and different websites. If a customer reaches me for the company B while I work for the company A, I'll do my best to understand the issue before forwarding him to company B, because company A and B are aiming about "making healthcare smarter" even if they are manged differently. So I think the same about music and Musescore.

After all it's only my own vision of an ideal world but reality is too cruel for me.

If you don't want me to argue until 2040, you should better closing this thread. It's my nature.

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There is no closing of thread here (well, in extreme rare cases of abuse). They remain public. This is just a place for users to help each other.

You can wish the relationship between the sites were different than it is all you want. But the people who run the sites aren't here either. So once again, complaining about one site on the other is pointless, it just wastes your time and everyone else's.

I volunteer my time here to help fellow MuseScore users here, and don't mind occasionally having to direct people elsewhere for help when that's more appropriate, as with your initial post here. if you have something I can help with, I'm happy to do so.

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