Musescore won’t launch - Windows 11

• Mar 27, 2022 - 22:14

I’m trying to use Musescore after a couple month break. It won’t launch. Task manager shows an instance for every time I hit the icon or ran from the command line. I’m using Windows 11 Home Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000. Musescore 3.6.2. I’ve tried launching by clicking a Musescore file. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Musescore. I’ve tried the command line switches -F, -w, and -R. Is there anything else I can try?


Try first killing off all those remaining entries in task manager before launching with -F (or reboot for a "clean" system).

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Only way I know it’s running is by seeing it in task manager.

Since you see MuseScore in the task manager, do you also see the MuseScore icon on the taskbar?
Have you previously used multiple displays and presently have one turned off, or otherwise disconnected?

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I’ve restarted several times for troubleshooting purposes. I feel like the registry is corrupted, and it’s not getting deleted by uninstalling the program. Therefore, when I reinstall, the corrupted registry prevents it from running. I don’t know what else to try.

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Uninstall does not get rid of everything. That's why it seldom works.

Does the Task Manager say "MuseScore3 exe"?

Right click on the MuseScore icon. Then Properties. You should see.. Start in: C:/Program files/MuseScore3/bin.

The bin file is where the exe is located. Sometimes desktop icons get corrupted. Got to the exe in the bin file and see if the program starts from there.

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And what does the Task Manager say?

How are you uninstalling? There are files in AppData/Local that have to be manually deleted. Also in program Files, and Documents. Make sure your scores are saved in a different place so they don't get deleted.

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The Document entries are just my saved files. They’re not causing this problem. I know there are other files created in AppData, but frankly, I’m pretty far removed from doing that kind of a deep dive to my computer. I’ve never been a fan of manually deleting stuff or messing with the Windows registry. This program worked fine the last time I used it 3 months ago. Only thing that’s happened on the computer since then are the occasional Windows update.

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I run MuseScore on W11 also. No problems (yet). You never know.
Accessing AppData is not a big deal, nor is it dangerous.
I agree about the Registry. I use the free version of ccleaner to fix registry problems. Though I have no idea if that is your problem.
I don't think I've ever had a Windows update cause a problem.

One more time, please. Does the Task Manager say that "MuseScore3.exe" is running after you start MuseScore?

Have you looked into diagnosing possible Taskbar problems? No icon on the Taskbar is suspicious. That's why someone asked you if you ever used two monitors.

What kind of computer is this? I understand that in the case of a detachable keyboard, that Windows 11 will go into tablet mode. Which can cause taskbar problems.

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It’s a laptop. A regular old HP laptop. Musescore worked on it 3 months ago last time I used it. As I explained earlier, there is a Musescore entry in Task Manager for each time I try to launch Musescore, regardless of whether I launch by icon or the executable directly. If I try to launch it 5 times, there are 5 Musescore entries in the task manager. I’ve seen a few threads around here from people with the same problem. I’ve tried every tip (and mentioned them here) that I’ve seen. I do thank you for your efforts as well. I may try to delete the registry entries, but you can really foul up a computer if you don’t know what you’re doing in there.

Apparently the trick is to let the laptop rest overnight. I turned on the laptop, double clicked the icon, and it launched as if it were launching for the first time ever. Which I guess it was, because I had uninstalled and reinstalled it several times yesterday, while rebooting the laptop between. Thanks everyone for your efforts.

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I'm sorry about my verbiage. Yesterday I turned off/powered down the computer after a failed launch/execution/program start up, then I turned on/powered up my computer several times during my attempts to launch Musescore. I don't know why it launched today when I powered my computer on. Maybe it needed a good night's rest. In the end, the program successfully launched/opened/ran on my computer/PC/laptop just as mysteriously as some of the other threads I found describing the same issue.

For anyone experiencing the same problem, I think my issue has to do with networking. My laptop can access some folders on my desktop, and the laptop can also access the printer that is hardwired to the desktop. I believe that the laptop’s failure to launch Musescore has to do with not seeing the shared resources, like when the desktop computer is not on. Sometimes Musescore will launch on the laptop when the desktop is off, but if the laptop won’t launch Musescore, it’s almost certain that the desktop is off.

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1) Is this issue one that MuseScore developers could or might address?

2) Many thanks for this thread, for the interesting twists and turns of all the helpful and reasonable things to try, while the suspense builds, then the illumination of how a networking issue can cause symptoms that mimic other problems. Grrrrr! I use essentially the same printer setup as described by jeffpn, was having exactly the same symptoms. I read this thread with great interest. When I read the Aug 6 replies, I walked into the other room where the other PC and its connected printer are, flipped on the PC, walked back to where my main laptop is. MuseScore was sitting pretty.

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Recently I noticed that a very similar (or the same) issue occurs when I have a vpn working with my home wifi (including the computer with the attached printer). Musescore does not want to start on the host pc when the vpn software is also running on the host pc, even though the printer is reachable from the host pc.

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I apologize for taking so long to reply. Recently, my installation of MuseScore 3 on Windows 11, has been loading without any long delay - whether the remote printer is connected, or not connected. With a Windows 10 computer and MuseScore 3, also I see no delay regardless of the printer state.

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