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• Mar 23, 2022 - 20:19

I've just noticed the new Solo Analyser plugin in the plugin list.

I was very excited to see this as it is something I have always thought would be useful for analysing solos (of course) but also basslines (I'm a bass player).
I've just downloaded it and installed it on my system (MuseScore 3.6.2, Windows 10) but unfortunately it doesn't work for me - I get the Clipboard01.png
error message.

I've taken the liberty of commenting out the part of the soloanalyser.qml file where it does the version checks for the .js files and when I do that it seems to work fine for me, annotating my test files correctly without crashing.

But there are a couple of things that I would like to change about it and I wonder if I could mention them here as suggestions for future versions:

  1. I'd prefer to have the annotations appear as Lyrics rather than Fingering. (I'd prefer the look of it if all the annotations appear on the same horizontal line rather than following the contour of the notes.)
  2. I'd prefer not to have the chord tones coloured - I'd just want them left black.

Many thanks to lvr124 for making this plugin available - it's already been very useful to me and look forward to seeing any future versions you may make available.


Hi thanks for you interest. I just pushed a new version (1.2.1) correcting the packaging of the 1.2.0 that was invalid.
My qml/javascript library approach is alas prone to error when it comes to release/packaging management :-(

About your suggestions,
for (1), to be investigated, because the plugin works on a note basis. Not a segment basis. So if you have a chord with several notes, it will colours all the notes and add a text for every note. I'm not sure how to achieve this with Lyrics...

for (2) the good news: I'm working on that !! You will have the choice to colour no notes, the notes of chords or the notes of the scale. Idem about naming the notes. This is half-ready. The bad news is that I'm trying to spend less time on coding :-p

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Hi, thanks for the new version.
Yup, the error I was previously getting has now gone and the plugin now works just fine on my system.

I hadn't thought about the situation where the part you are analysing contains chords - a piano solo or a vibes solo perhaps. As you mentioned, it wouldn't be easy (if indeed possible) to do this with Lyrics, so using the fingering text for this is a clever idea. But I'd still prefer to have it as Lyrics if you ever have a brainwave and can think of a way to do it.

Glad to hear you are intending to address making the colouring optional. I'll be keen to test it as and when you have time to get to it.

Many thanks again.

New version. To be downloaded here:
There are 2 plugins now. The former "automatic" one. And a new "interactive" one, where one can define the options for the rendering of the analyse. It acts also as an option manager for the "automatic" one, meaning that once you have set the options like you want it (e.g. selecting "notes as lyrics" ;-) ) you can use the "automatic" one: it will reapply the last settings automatically.
Feel free to comment or share any issues.

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I downloaded and installed this plugin in the Musescore 3 folder --> Plugins with the others already installed. It turns out that when I open Musescore it doesn't appear in the list like the other plugins so I can reload and use it. Could you guide me on what I might be doing wrong?
He would be of great value to me in teaching purposes.

Thank you!

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You should go in the Plugins menu > "Plugins management..."(°) > "Reload the plugins" (°). Both plugins (soloanalyser and soloanalyser-interactive) should appear in the list on left side, and must be ticked in order to appear in the menu list. Hope it helps.

(°) My MS is in French, I'm not sure about the names in English.

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Thanks for the teaching however, I've already done all these procedures --> Plugins > "Plugin management..."(°) > "Reload plugins" (°). Both plugins (soloanalyser and soloanalyser-interactive) must appear in the list on the left and must be checked to appear in the menu list. However, the plugins don't appear in the list so I can reload them.
I use Windows 10 and Musescore version 3.6.2

I'm hoping I can find out what might be going on and fix it so I can use it.

Thank you!

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Don't place user plugins into the program files installation folder!
Place them in the ~/Documents/MuseScore 3/Plugins folder instead if you don't want to lose them on a software update..

That being said, try running the plugin from the Plugin Creator; it has a bottom debug log window that might show you any errors with it.

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Hello Jeeee!

Thanks for your guidance and tips! I carried out your teaching in which I placed the plugins in the directory: ~/Documents/MuseScore 3/Plugins.
I claim that this directory did not have the "Plugins" folder, so I created one with this name and put the plugins in it. Then I opened Musescore but unfortunately the plugins still DO NOT appear in the list on the left side along with the others to be marked and reloaded for use.

As your tip, I ran Plugin Creator and presented message as image. I claim that I have no knowledge for this parameter.

I'm still hopeful that I can find out what might be going on and fix it so I can use it. As I stated earlier, it would be of great value to me for teaching purposes.

Friendly hug!

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I don't think you are installing this plugin correctly. from the video it looks like you have only copied the .qml files to the plugin directory. That won't work.

What you need to do is:
1. Download the .zip file from the Plugin download page to some convenient place on your system.
2. Then unzip the .zip file which will give you a directory called "musescore-soloanalyser-1.3.0"
3. The cut the whole of that directory and paste it into the
"C:\Users\YourName\Documents\MuseScore3\Plugins" directory.
Then open Musescore and the plugins should appear on the list in Plugin Manager.

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Hello BrandWWW!

Thanks for the feedback!
I did everything you taught me until: "C:\Users\YourName\Documents\MuseScore3\ Plugins".
When I opened this directory, the "Plugins" folder was not found and I had to create and insert all the files in it. Even so, when I opened Musescore the plugins still DO NOT appear in the list along with the others.

I still hope to be able to solve this for didactic issues that will be of great value in my teaching.


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Good morning (in Brazil)!

Sorry for my insistence on this topic, which is why this tool would be exceptional for me to teach my students.

I understood all the procedures you wrote step by step, I read the manual several times, I did everything you taught me. Unfortunately so far I haven't been able to make the plugins appear in the relationship with the others.
I claim that all other plugins work correctly.
I kindly ask you to enjoy the video and guide me what else I'm doing wrong.

Hug to everyone!

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Wow Jojo, you are the best professionals I know!
That's exactly what was happening, when I opened the directory the plugins folder didn't exist, I had to create one with this name. Then I inserted the plugins in it, but the location was incorrect, the right one would be in the folder you mentioned "Extensions".
Now everything is ok, the plugin appeared in the list and I activated it to use it.
I will be eternally grateful for your teaching like the other professionals on the forum who helped me solve it.

Big hug to everyone!

For anyone interested, I just published a new version with :
* [New] Multi-staves and multi-voices analyse :
Multiple tracks can be analysed at once. If some staff do not have chord symbols, the analyse will (optionality) use the chord symbols from the preceding or following staves.
* [Correction] Transposing instruments were not correctly handled

It can be downloaded on my GitHub respository

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This isn't an error !! Actually there are 2 plugins. SoloAnalayser and ChordAnalyser.
The main plugin is SoloAnalyser (and its sibling SoloAnalyser-Interactive).

This windows is the one of ChordAnalyser. This one is a kind of helper, that requires that you either select a chord symbols in a score or type a chord symbol text (e.g. "Cm7") in UI in order to tell you what are the notes part of this chord.

I guess you used the wrong plugin.

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