How to convert pdf file to Musescore file?

• Mar 17, 2022 - 09:14

Hello, I used a program called Notion.
I saved a file in pdf.. and tried to upload here.
I converted this file to musescore file..but only one bar was converted and other parts turned blank.
I have downloaded the latest Musescore version..
Is it impossible to convert pdf to musescore file?
I can not seem to open it on musescore software either.
Is the best way to redo it on musescore software?-it will take a long long time to do whole piece again.
Please help!


Hello there. Well, apart from the other choices mentioned above, I would recommend PDF2Music Pro. It is a very nice piece of software - although not perfect.
It can be downloaded from its official website:
In its free trial version (unlimited time) it can process only one pdf page at a time, but you can split a pdf to many pages and apply it to each one of them. To buy the full version you have to pay $199.
The trial version will export one page at a time in the MusicXML format, understandable by Musescore. You can then copy-paste the contents of individual files to one file to recreate the original.

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