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• Mar 13, 2022 - 13:01

I am writing a Preces and Responses and require a Cantor's single line (Preces) and an SATB Response. Is it possible to create this on a single page score?


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I just came looking to see if anyone had advice on a preces/responses layout. I'd be trying to create something like the attached file. The priest/cantor preces are usually on a single line either centred on the choir response like this, or in line with an appropriate part like the bottom like of a closed score, or tenor line of an open score. There's almost always a gap between the preces and responses, which could be done with horizontal frames, and while the shorter responses have the cantor on the left and choir on the right, when one of the sections is too long, the cantor goes above and the choir below, now fully justified across the page.

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You are right that horizontal frames would provide the needed break. To get the other staff to disappear where it isn't used, turn on the cutaway option in its staff/part properties. If you wish to try to reproduce the centering, you can use a staff type change element from the Layout palette and then set its properties to offset the staff. You could also simply use a screen capture tool to snap an image of the cantor part and paste it into the horizontal frame.

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