Adding Measures.

• Mar 11, 2022 - 15:08

I'm writing a piece with frequent meter changes. For the first time, when I add additional measures they are appearing as rests as opposed to open measures awaiting input. How do I prevent that?


Music notation represents sequences of sound (notes), or silence (rests), played over time. One or the other. Additional measures show rests (silence) because MuseScore wants you alone to enter the notes (sound). So, simply overwrite the rests with notes.

It's not clear what distinction you are trying to make between "rests" and "open measures awaiting input". A measure with no notes in it has rests instead, that hasn't changed since day one of MuseScore. You enter notes directly over the existing rests, just as you always have.

Unless maybe you mean, multimeasure rests. If you've enabled those accidentally, disable them again by pressing "M".

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