Store and Jump to measure number X

• Mar 9, 2022 - 16:37
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Let's say if I was working on measure 25 and started playing the score, it would be nice to have a way to mark the measure and press a shortcut key to jump back to the marked measure. Example: select the measure, measure 25, use the M key to mark the measure 25. Press the M key again to bring the curse back to measure 25 regardless of where the current position of the cursor is. I often find I would work on a specific measure and start to play the score and wants to go back to work on the same measure and have to scroll back to that specific measure. This is how I envision how this jump to measure would work. The measure is selected based on the current cursor position, such as if a note is selected or the measure is selected. Press the M key, a dialog box pops up with a field for user entry with a default value of the current measure number. The user can press the OK or Enter key to continue or enter another measure number. The measure number is stored. User continues. Press the M key again anywhere & anytime to bring the cursor back to the stored measure number.


Workaround No Yes

You can define a shortcut (via Preferences>Shortcuts) to define the start and end positions of loop playback. If you do that (say to define "[" as set the start position and "]" as the end position) you can click on any note and press "[" (or whatever key you have chosen) then a marker flag is added to the score and when you start playback by pressing the space bar it starts from that spot. If you then press the space bar again playback stops. pressing it a third time starts playback from that start position you marked earlier. If you select another note and press "]" playback will loop between the two markers. If you don't press "]" the end point of the loop defaults to the end of the score. You can also define a shortcut to toggle in and out of this loop mode.

This seems to do everything you want. Or am I missing something?

Note also that keyboard shortcut M is currently by default used to toggle the display of muti-measure rests.

There already is a way to mark the measure and return to it - Ctrl+M adds a rehearsal mark, Ctrl+F jumps to it (or a measure number). But what would be useful is a more specific "go to previous playback start position". Then you wouldn't need to mark anything, or use the loop facility (two current workarounds).

So unless there is something I'm not misunderstanding about your suggestions, I would like to change the title of this suggestion to "Go to previous playback start position".