questions regarding piano piece.

• Mar 6, 2022 - 20:30

hello there -
1). how do I beam notes between two staves ( piano ) that is to beam a bass note with a treble note.
2). how can I jump a note in a bass clef stave to the treble clef stave.
3). how can I group (sum) rests not in a standard notation.
4). hoe can I determined the tempo value e.g. eight note equals 168.
5). keyboard shortcuts.
6). add another stave in a piano piece in the middle for few bars only.


Better to ask individual questions - less confusing when you get answers to single questions. But here goes

  1. See
  2. I don't really understand this but perhaps the answer to number 1. is relevant.
  3. Not sure what you are looking for. Perhaps multi-measure rests - see
  4. See
  5. See
  6. To add an extra stave see Hide it when empty as described here…, and possibly of most use is the section headed "cutaway".

You will see that all the answers are in the handbook which is your ever-present friend. I recommend getting acquainted.

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thanks for your reply - in some piano scores 3 or 4 staves are being used, what if I want to transfer series of notes across "instruments" although its really only one piano... & then... when I added another stave I saw that it added the stave to the whole score...what if I only want an extra stave for only a few measures or systems...
Thanks very much for your reply. truly appreciates your inputs.

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